Triple Rectification

Absinthe, anyone?


  1. I don't mind getting righteously rectified once in a while, but I don't think I'd come in The Wulfshead to do it. There's a typical Texas saloon outside Kemah, where I used to live on Galveston Bay, in which double and even triple rectification happened regularly. Just a hollow cube of cinder blocks, with the bar, a few stools and a couple wooden chairs along the walls, it had a floor that tilted toward a large drain in the middle. No windows, it was dark all the time in there, and if you started in the afternoon you'd never leave before nightfall, because coming out into Texas sun would blind you more than you already were.

    Now of course I know rectification has to do with the distilling process of this exotic booze...but it's nice to be reminded we have an ethical and theological branch to our recreation. Yes bartender, bring a bottle over and a glass...and the appropriate tools I need. Thank you.

  2. But, of course, sir. Anything the gentlelady or the gentleman say...

    The Wulfshead prides itself in stoking more kind of booze than most people even know exist, sir: You want a strontium 90 mineral water with an iodine chaser? Or a wolfsbane cocktail with a silver umbrella in it? Or maybe angel's urine with extra holy water? Then no wonder you've come to the Wulfshead.

    Rumour has it the management keeps the bar stock in a different dimension--it is better that way, sir: absence of evidence is no evidence of Absinthe, that's what I always say.