For god's sake, nobody tell Sean Hannity about this

He'll just say it was brainwashing children.


  1. Watching Miss Piggy turned me into a feminist:)

  2. Purification is at hand.

    It is easy to milk Sean Hannity's reaction for all that it's worth, but can we be serious for a moment here? The man asked a most relevant and legitimate question : Isn't our overly promiscuous and permissive culture "robbing these kids...of their childhood?"

    I mean - think about it for a moment - what would Mahmoud Ahmadinejad think of this?

    It's not too late. You can make a difference in that most important spiritual warfare against indoctrination. Just donate here.

    While "The Kids On Fire School" has been closed indefinitely, due to telephone calls, letters, and other negative reactions after the release of Jesus Camp, it is now regrouped as Kids in Ministry International.

    And Reverend Becky Fischer has a blog.

    Wanna invite her over for a drink?

  3. Alas, sir, I do not speak in Tongues.

  4. From the look of her, she might at least get the restrooms shipshape.

  5. When I was 9 years old, I began speaking in tongues - I still have it, but I never use it; I am both embarrassed and proud(in the same way I'm proud of the stuffed squirrel I found at the thrift store)of this bizzare 'gift'. Really, I was just imitating the crazy grown-ups who told me that I wasn't really saved unless I was annointed with the heavenly language. This is a subject I have been retiscent to broach, for fear of "mocking the holy spirit" and committing the unknown "sin that cannot be forgiven"(did that sound brainwashed enough?).
    Personally, I've attended 3 Jesus Camps and they were full of kids pretending to be holy, when all they were really interested in was getting a boyfriend/girlfriend to make out with after 'fellowship'. I have a picture taken of myself from one of them, singing a song before a group of middle school kids, "The Warrior Is A Child", and I looked like I was really into it, but I was just staring at a boy in the front row. I was doing what I had to, to be accepted and make some friends: I rededicated my life to God at every altar call; I would make myself fall down everytime a minister touched my head in prayer, pretending that I was 'slain in the spirit'.
    What I did then was 'mocking the spirit' - wanting to talk about it objectively now, is not.
    So now that I no longer attend either the Assembly of God church, where I got most of my religious beliefs, or the Catholic church that I joined in 2000 - and left in 2004, I'm not sure what to do with myself - the religious community was crutch for me and now I'm just hobbling, waiting for my strength to return.
    It's hard to hear, but people like Hannity are just as much a victim as I was - they just haven't woken up to it yet. That doesn't mean I wouldn't spit at him if I saw him in person, because now he's a perpetrator of lies.

  6. I'm touched with your honesty Lady. Now that's a tongue and language that cannot be denied.