It is me. I've just been abbreviated.


It wouldn't be the first time I've changed my identity.


  1. Just an aside - I was in speech therapy as a child. I still lisp.

  2. Allow me to be the first to congratulate the gentlelady abbreviation. Though if I may, Ma'am, it is my humble opinion that Lady F doesn't pack as much punch as Lazy Fiddlebottom did. Viceroy was also an interesting name... A bit aristocratic perhaps, but oh so intriguing, Ma'am.

    While Lady F... Well, it doesn't have much of a ring to it now, does it? But, as the poet says, Ma'am, "what's in a rose's name" and all that. Besides, I am sure that the gentlelady will earn the name new meanings, just for wearing it.

  3. Thank you, sir, for those kind words. Though the original name was good enough, I felt a more ambiguous nom de plume might ease certain inhibitions of mine.
    About 8 years ago, I changed the pronunciation of my real first name to reflect its' traditional source(exchanging the flat A's with imaginary umlaut's) and I'm still not quite sure what I was trying to do there. My biological kin still call me by the old name, which is confusing to those who only know my latest incarnation.

  4. I believe the Lady's name was Fizzlebottom, not Fiddlebottom. Fiddlebottom's kinda cool too, particularly here in the Appalachian Spring. Fizzlebottom may be more intriguing among us barroom denizens though. The fizz part, not the fizzle part.

    It may be beneficial, though not really "good," that in the US we care more about name consistency than gender con...---er---...than if the gender stays, that's not it either...gender stays the same or similar. Since people decided either to maintain wife maiden name and husband bachelor name...OR to hyphenate endlessly, government workers have become twice as crazed. (Trust me, I used to work for social security.) My wife's maiden name is Kuhre, but her mother's maiden name was Molnar...and her mother's maiden name was Uvegech. So if her name now was Kuhre-Carlson-Molnar-Uvegech, my son's wife new name would have to be...well, never mind. I just know Karen gave up on it and became Carlson. Easier. And isn't Truth at some higher level that obviously Lady F knows?

  5. Just so you know - I'm not coming out as gay, I just changed my name. I thought the juxtaposition between my insignificant name change and the significant act of changing one's gender was interesting.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that.