New Model: follow-up

The way the management looks at it, what patrons and visitors do outside of the Wulfshead is their own business. Why, rumor has it that last time Harry Fabulous was in, he was offering pirate DVDs of Muppet films from another dimension: Citizen Kermit and Miss Piggy Does Dallas.

As far as I recall, it is a rare event that The Wulfshead objects to anyone's presence here. Apparently they feel like even some of the most atypical visitors give the place character.

However, while The Wulfshead enforces a strict neutrality, I must caution the gentleman that GENOM corporation is not to be trifled with. They are not known for their tolerance, sir, nor are they very forgiving.

What I am getting at, sir, is... I don't want to alarm the gentleman from Oregon, but the word is out that the gentleman has come into possession of an artifact that belongs to First Androids Synthetics Humanoids.

Don't look at me that way, sir. It's not like the gentleman has been very discreet displaying the synthetic artifact at his table for all to see, and bragging about it.

Oh, the gentleman has nothing to concern himself about, so long as he remains at the bar, gentleman keeps away from the restrooms, and other more secluded areas of the Wulfshead. But, as I said before, once the gentleman leaves the Wulfshead, whatever "unpleasantness", the gentleman might run the gentleman's own business.

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