Not again!

I don't care how much of an oddball she is. Most of the patrons, here, are, er...eccentric in one way or another---you know that! (And don't get me started on the staff.) Didn't you notice the engagement ring? The lady is practically a bride---she's getting married in April! You know how that is. Would it have killed you to show some courtesy, for a change?

The next time a bride shows up here...

And I mean any bride...

Never mind how kooky she looks or how off-the-wall her order seems to you, just serve the lady what she asks, will you?


  1. See, that wasn't so hard was it?

  2. Tom may be correct that Lightning Grass side effects are responsible for all this. Clearly Mimi snorted too much and is in a huff because of her munchies. Utah's thoughts seem to be in a magenta swirl over her head as well. Now the Bartender is chastising the help...when obviously all the Fluffernutter stores were closed yesterday, and who can expect The Wulfshead to have that stuff on hand? I don't think this Grass is supposed to get people aggressive. Could we just kind of take it easy until we get our bearings? Nausicaa, are you OK?

  3. oh, yes, Tom is right, Mr. alog, one of the side effects of Too Much Lightning Grass imbibition being certain Cravings, but then, what bride wouldn't stamp her pretty little foot at being denied fluffernutter on pure white bread when the last words of her evil stepmother were reverberating through her head as she entered the bar, "are you sure you should wear white, dear?"

  4. Thank you for your concern, jazzolog. As a matter of fact, a strange thing happened to me on my way to The Wulfshead today. No time to talk about it now. But I'll have to tell you more about it later, in the evening.

  5. I have a table to one side, out of sight. Thank you Nausicaa for the confidence you imply.

  6. I can see my confidence is well placed, but no such need for privacy is required in that matter.

    Actually, I am embarrassed to say that a table is reserved already. It's not out of sight and anyone is welcome to drop by. As a matter of fact, Utah Savage has done so already.