Party On!

AIG dudes conferring a couple years back at a hideaway in Georgia.

Folks at the morning radio news program The Takeaway are asking listeners to call in their ideas about what AIG stands for---or what it should stand for. Hey, don't think I'm biased: these people manage our health and retirement plans. Small-minded but too big to fail.
Here are some so far~~~

Amigos in Gold
Amateurs Implementing Guile
Anti Inflammatory Geeks
Assholes Invoking God
As If God
Appalling In Greed
Absolutely Insufferable Greed
Angry Investor Gross

Add Inventively, Gentlepeople!


  1. Alice In GreenbackLand, sir?

    I know, it's straining it a bit.

    I can't help it, some of these names, like "Amigos In Gold," got me thinking about cocktails.

    What would an "As If God" be made of, and what would the proper way to serve it be? Stirred or shaken? And what then? Would it taste heavenly or would it taste of mud?

    I am sorry, sir, I am doing it again... woolgathering, sir.

    There is actually such a drink as an "Alice In Wonderland." It's made of:
    1.0 fl. oz. of Tequila
    1.0 fl. oz. of Triple Sec or Cointreau
    1.0 fl. oz. of Kahlua

    Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with the ice, shake, strain into a shot glass.

    A bit too sweet for my taste, sir.

    I am not sure what an "Alice In GreenbackLand" would be made of, but I would imagine there would have to be some sharp bitter taste to it. Or may be not. I ought to give this more thought. I am open to suggestions.

  2. How about Animals In the Gutter?

  3. Amazingly Incompetent Goobers?
    Assinine Idiot Greedheads?

    Seems like an Alice in Greenbackland would have to include some absinthe.

  4. I like Nan's two. All AIG cocktails should start with arsenic

  5. Arsenic-Imbibing Gangsters