Putting my answers out there

I'm answering questions from Utah Savage and Lady F.

Here's a picture from last Christmas with my nephew. From left to right that's me, my nephew's paternal grandmother, my nephew and his light saber, and Samantha, his mother.

According to this, my emotional age is middle-aged.

Ideal gender? I like girls.

I read almost constantly. I have what works out to be a one-book-a-day habit at my local library.

I don't think that I lucid dream, but I do have some reoccurring ones. For example, that some glamorous woman is my girlfriend. I don't know why, but it's never anyone I've been thinking about particularly before dreaming about them. Most recently, for instance, it was Daphne Zuniga of The Sure Thing fame.

One last note: My mother was in her early 30s when I was conceived, my father was 16 and I've never known him.


  1. I know this goes against all good sense, but I wouldn't trust that quiz. I'm apparently, despite my antisocial tendencies and lack of throwing things about, a toddler.

    This is said without a hint of snark: I think I have that same shirt.

  2. Randal, you're not afraid of lil' ol' me. My only desire in asking questions of a personal nature is to get to know you better. Randal, you've been hiding behind that drawing of some kid incarnation of yourself forever. Why not expose the real you. Perhaps reveal is a better word. It's a private club, no one here will ever tell a soul that you're really Mickey Roark.

  3. Ben, that last tossed off sentence is fascinating. I want to know more. It would be a good first line for a novel.

  4. Lady F, isn't it nice to know that all we have to do is ask the questions?

  5. Indeed it is, Utah. I'm also curious about that "one last note". Do tell, BV.

  6. What has become of Utah Savage?