Meet Bella. As soon as I painted on her mouth, she started speaking, and the first words out of her mouth were, "take me to The Wulfshead and order me a glass of Lightning Grass, fast!" I tried to tell her that Wulfshead patrons are sort of...uh...reclusive....and not just anyone gets to be a member...but she insisted they would all instantly love her, that she was far better looking than most of the patrons that show up here, and knows a lot about everything, mostly...


Take a walk on the wild side
let your hair flow freely
like that of a goddess
on fire with love
paint your feet
with henna
wear anklets that jingle
scent your body with longing
and cast mystical eyes
upon the world
not caring what the world sees
let them shy away from you
and your wildness,
let them wear sensible shoes,
you wear shining silver slippers
that light up when you walk,
you wear a slippery red dress
that dances when you move
you wear a smile,
bright yellow ribbons,
and bangles covered in rhinestones,
you laugh like a mountain,
let them sip lattes,
you go dig potatoes from the earth,
roast them in a pit in the forest,
and eat them with gusto,
butter melting over your fingers
and white salt crystals clinging to your lips.<—

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  1. The iris pond has flowered
    Before the old temple;
    I sell tea this evening
    By the water's edge.
    It is steeped in the cups
    With the moon and stars;
    Drink and wake forever
    From your worldly sleep.