The birthers are revolting . . .


. . . And they are angry too!

If you answered "Nothing. Ever.," take heart...

You're not alone.

The revolution has begun.


  1. If he floats that shows he's not loaded up with all that Manchurian candidate stuff the Commies load their robots with.

  2. I have no question about Obama's citizenship. However no birther that I know of is a real citizen of the United States. I say we tie the birthers one by one and throw them in the water. If they float, they are citizens. If not, c'est la vie.

  3. "The last remaining rays of light gather into a white radiance descending on Joan. The hour continues to strike....

    "Joan: O God that madest this beautiful earth, when will it be ready to receive Thy saints? How long, O Lord, how long?"

    The final line from Shaw's "Saint Joan." How fitting. How truly fitting.

  4. Shaw's birthday yesterday: According to friend and biographer Stephen Winsten, Shaw would awaken early every day, go to his sink and fill it with cold water, dip his whole face into the sink with his eyes open, splash his eyes with water seven times, and then blot his face dry with a soft bath towel. Shaw said that when he was a boy in Ireland, a peasant instructed him to do this, and he did it ever since.

    There is a ritual all birthers should practice, especially after a speech by Ms. Palin. My god, did you see that CNN had a little clock on screen yesterday, counting down the last 20 minutes by the second until her address? When did they ever do that for anybody's speech? If Obama has to run against Palin, will it be the Messiah vs. the Saint?

  5. As Tengrain points out, the rubblekins were all up for knocking out the "native-born" requirement, and running Arnie.

  6. Actually, Arnold is an American. The German birth certificate is a fake.

  7. And the accent is just (dramatic pose) Aahkting!

  8. I'm still waiting for someone to emerge from behind some curtain and scream "live from New York, its Saturday Night", Rod Sterling to appear, or some mysterious voice to tell us not to adjust our televisions and that this is the Outer Limits.

  9. It sometimes looks like SNL or the Outer Limits out there; sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction...

    Or it could be that Life IS the "outer limits."

    Relatively speaking, mankind has a very short history, but a very long past.

    According to the triune brain model (that is, of course, for those of us who subscribe to the theory of evolution), some of the most advanced components of the brain of higher mammals still include elements of the early reptilian brain which can at times override the more rational function of the brain and result in unpredictable, primitive behavior in even the most sentient of creatures, humans included.

    But, then again, what do I know? Maybe it all goes back to Adam, and Eve (and so maybe it is to be traced back to Adam's rib and not the reptilian brain at all), and all that insanity that has been plaguing mankind is the work of the devil.

    Either way, it looks like mankind has had a pretty traumatic childhood. I am no lawyer but if you ask me, when "judgment day" comes (under whichever forms it is usually assumed, by those who believe in these things, such judgment would take in accordance to any given faith and culture depending on the place or the times), I say there is a case to be made to plead "insanity," and possibly "child abuse."

    But, speaking of the Devil, what are we to expect of a culture born out of the cold war and decades of propaganda and counter-propaganda, and psyop operations and regime destabilization? (Last time I checked, Radio Marti was still financed by the U.S. government.) Did we really believe that once released from the bottle the propaganda tools born of such a war would never ever ever be used in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave by Americans against their own people? Because...that can't happen here, right? Why, it would be un-American, and against the great principles under which this country was founded. It might even be deemed "un-Christian," don't you know, and that wouldn't do at all, when "in god we trust," now, would it? Unless... Unless, of course, hiding amongst our own people, there are Satan worshipers---in which case the end justify the means. And who is to say who is whom, and which witch is witch? Do they wear the mark of the Devil? Are they Demoncrats? Could Obama be the anti-Christ?

    The bloggosphere is a new medium. And it's hard sometimes to tell what's going on out there. Is a site that operated under the name Zioneocon for real? Is it parody? The work of a nutcase, like radiopatriot? A likudnik? A kahanist? Some right-wing Israeli think tank? Does it matter? Does the site have much of a following? Is it a service or a disservice to the cause it claims it represents? Frankly I don't know? My confusion probably comes from the fact that I assumed the word zioneocon to be a derogatory term that a Zionist would be unlikely to use to refer to their political/ideological leanings. One would maybe refer to oneself as a Zionist and a conservative, or a neoconservative, maybe, but a zioneocon? Anyway the site which used to be hosted by blogspot now operates under the name of Boker tov, Boulder! and has moved to typepad. And, surprise, surprise (not really) Boker tov, Boulder! endorses the cause of birthers - I quote:
    these much-maligned folks are among the most intellectually curious and passionately patriotic citizens in America, and seem to view the integrity of the Constitution as overriding their own self-interest.

    Such level of ethics is commendable. It wouldn't do for anyone to be "maligned," or demonized, now.

    No doubt, what the world needs, is more people like Zioneocon and Radiopatriot.

  10. Holy Murgatroid, that was a long winded comment.

    I think I may have caught Quinty's bug...

  11. Dang it, sir. I hope it's contagious.

  12. The Daily Banter has this theory that the Republican Party is held hostage by "the rabid racism and xenophobia of the lunatic fringe," as they put it, sir, and they have this video to prove it. According to Ben Cohen the GOP's honorable congressmen and congresswomen cannot come down on the side of rationality for fear of alienating much of their base.

    If you ask me, sir, it sounds to me like the old causality dilemma about the chicken and the egg.

    There is a passage in the preface to Heartbreak House---George Bernard Shaw, sir---that sums it all up rather nicely:

    "It is said that every people has the Government it deserves. It is more to the point that every Government has the electorate it deserves; for the orators of the front bench can edify or debauch an ignorant electorate at will. Thus our democracy moves in a vicious circle of reciprocal worthiness and unworthiness."

  13. NOW you can have your own birth certificate from Kenya---just like the ones Birthers are making famous! Click here to get started~~~