The House health care bill "would make it mandatory — absolutely require — that every five years people in Medicare have a required counseling session that will tell them how to end their life sooner." Betsy McCaughey, a Republican columnist. This argument has been spreading around.

This (in the photo) is your friendly family physician.

He has dropped by your house to arrange your death with you. That is now his job, his business, in fact, since he has become a slave of the Federal Government.

He is more interested in disposing of your carcass than in keeping your unworthy carcass alive. That is the true meaning of Socialism. What “healthcare reform” hath wrought.

Long before this Marxist ideology gripped the land and the insurance industry managed your healthcare you had the opportunity to pay into an insurance policy (year after year) before you actually needed its benefits. This was your role in the overall social contract. You paid and remained healthy, the insurance company reaped the profits and provided giant bonuses to its CEOs. God was in his Heaven and all was well in the world. Until, of course, you became uncooperative and actually became sick. Then you expected the insurance company to actually pay your hospital bills. No, no, no, that’s not the way it works. If you think so you are you a Socialist! A Marxist! A Communist!

But in your last dying breath you may still repent. And calmly lying in your death bed you may prove how cooperative you are by simply dying without further draining any money away from your insurance company. That, after all, is your true part. And you are a loyal American. You are an ardent Capitalist and hate Socialism. You would never take advantage of an insurance company and its needy CEOs.

But see what has become of your family physician now that the government has taken over? How he has been horribly warped and twisted? And you are forced, actually forced, by the government to receive expensive healthcare without going into bankruptcy or eliminating yourself from receiving it by possessing a “precondition?” Or because you made a tiny error when you filled out your contract years ago, which, of course, once you asked for coverage was quickly discovered, after years of paying in?

So beware. A living will, with end of life instructions, only demonstrates how oppressive government is, taking your precious freedoms away from the insurance industry. And God. And Sarah Palin.


  1. A magnificent tale of evil in our world! who would ever believe that the government would presume to help us by depriving us of our insurance companies and the thousands of dollars we pay them. How dare they counsel old people, and otherwise dying people as to how to prepare a living will. I am shocked and ashamed to live in a country that would pretend to do such terrible things. I can only imagine how "God" and The Palin must feel. I am sure they have talked.....

  2. With these noble sentiments you prove you have a sound moral bearing. Makes me proud to be an American again.

    Now, who wants to dog sled race with Sarah Palin?

  3. Health Care Is Not The Only Socialized Thing We Need To Stop - Here Are 20 More!!

  4. Oh well, what else can we expect? Does it make you sick?

    ‘Kill Granny’ media campaign alarms seniors
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