Somewhere over the rainbow . . .

Glinda: You're still riding that old thing?

Elphaba: Yeah, well, we can't all come and go by bubble!!


  1. My my, how did you do that, Ben? I look rather lovely in green. Thanks for letting me keep my smoke. Lovely hat you found for me.

    If there's a bartender in the house I'll have a dirty martini please.

  2. I wonder if the bartender as a recipe for a green martini? I mean not just the old classic green apple martini, now. If the Wulfshead is going to be honored by such distinguished visitors from Oz, as the witches of the North and West, something more wicked is in order. What do you say, bartender?

  3. Mmm, lemmesee...something with a twist, maybe? And green...yes, most definitely green, out of deference to Wicked's green-faced heroine

    I am just the substitute here, but give me a minute, sir, I'll see what I can come up with.

  4. OK, I've got just the thing for this:

    2 parts Absolut Pear
    1 part sweet and sour mix
    a generous splash of Midori
    a moderate splash of Tripplesec
    garnish with a lemon twist

  5. "What's in the punch?"

    "Melons, and lemons and pears."

    "Oh, my."

  6. See if you can't stuff a watermelon in there, too....

    (Sorry, I've been reading The Grapes of Wrath all afternoon (first time) an' it's got me talken like the Joads. Sort o'.

  7. In fact, Grapes of Wrath (great movie) and Wizard of Oz (immortal movie) both come out in 1939, don' they? Some year for movies.

    Anyway, back to drinking.....

  8. Quinty, I am so gealous, I'm positively green with envy that you are getting to read The Grapes of Wrath for the first time. Like getting your cherry popped at fifty for the very first time.

    I read that book like some read the bible. I loved the movie and do believe it's still one of the best ever made. Far superior to the Wizard of Oz.

    It was always my ambition to write one or two really great books, like The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men. Or to range very far afield, Lolita, for that matter. I think one need only write one book if it's good enough.

  9. And how is it you know I've been craving watermelon this summer like I obsessively ate cantaloupe last summer? Or am I just thinking this is all about me. I am so very much the center of the universe, don't you know.