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Katie Price Spends 48 Hours in Bed with Alex Reid

Katie Price aka Jordan and Alex Reid are spending as much time in bed as possible, according to reports.

The reality TV star and her new boytoy are in Marbella Spain together and are said to “have only emerged from their luxury villa to cavort topless in the pool,” according to Fametastic. A witness claims:

“Katie and Alex are all over each other and have told their friends they won’t be leaving the villa. Katie said her sex life with Reid is wild.

They are either in their bedroom with the doors shut or in the pool. They’re both obsessed with sex and are really into each other. Jordan loves experimenting and so does Alex.”

If the reports are true, it’s probably not the smartest thing for Jordan to do while she’s still not officially divorced from Peter Andre and will be battling it out for custody of the children.

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