By popular request...



  1. You'd think I would be able to just strut up to this beautiful bar and begin to speak with The Wulfshead's distinguished patrons as if I'd known them all my life. After all, many were friends from The Stork Club, Bon Soir and other spots, but I can't, I won't, until my jazzolog buddy sits next to old fashioned me. I know, I know, you've welcomed me but you are all hell bent on issues which somehow elude me and I saw The Bartender last night. Would you believe it? Yes, and he told me he will be here when the King Cake from New Orelans come in to start the ball rolling because I have a secret to tell. Honest I do.

    Quinty definitely will love it and so will the others so, patience is not my middle name, and I'm tired of reciting poetry waiting to Begin the Beguine. I do have manners and a savvy strut so...let me know when you want me to reveal myself. In the meantime,

    Walking along a mountain path
    I find a sandal-print in the moss,
    a billowy cloud low on the lake,
    grasses growing up to a door,
    a pine tree shimmering green,
    a brook gurgling along from the mountain,
    and as I mingle with Truth among the flowers,
    I have forgotten what to say.

    ---Liu Chiang-ch'ing

  2. Cool Frankenstein!

    You have been awarded the Honest Weblog Award! :o)