I'm glad you like the pacharan. Here's another bottle, homemade this time. Vice has its adjacent allures beside its primary intent. The beautiful curve of a pipe, for example. How often has this led to quiet thought? The craftsmanship of a gold or silver cigarette lighter. The aroma of a Cuban cigar. Here the warm amber light within the bottle is most appealing. An invitation to drink.

Yes, vice has its place. I hope though that what was said at the circular garden table remains within the confines of the great open outofdoors, where only a passing fly or bug may have overheard. What's said, revealed, thought and expressed within the bar itself , I'm confident, is always most private and never made public. Though pacharan should be drunk carefully, only a shot or two at a time. It is most powerful, and comes up upon you, if drunk to excess, most suddenly and powerfully. And your head will deliriously fly. How do I know? That is a secret of the bar.

Yes, two or three nips should be fine. And the men seated at that table may be singing by now.

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