The Right's New Attack!


  1. That's giving Obama the benefit of the doubt.

    I heard he wants the sharks to eat Gran'ma when her Death Panel says "time's up." That's why he's worried about sea temperatures and things like that.

    Does anyone think Obama has enough votes to save the Public Option? Maybe when our Congressional reps return to Washington they can deal with sane and normal people again, like lobbyists offering buckets of cash. We'll see.

    The fun is just beginning.

  2. I think ultimately the silent majority will win this fight and that we get the public option. Anything less would be political suicide for democratic leadership.

    I love this cartoon and cross posted it at my place. Drop by for a visit.

  3. Wasn't the "silent majority" a Nixon invention? Hopefully Obama is stirred up enough about the horrible August he endured to inspire us all with some noise! Anyway the brilliant Tom Toles cartoon is about the energy bill...and environment change. The 40-year-old consumer culture (which replaced the nation of citizens we used to have) is even more ignorant about those issues.

  4. Sure enough, the "silent majority" was a sanctimonious figment Nixon invented: a feel good upper for his ignorant followers. They could pat themselves on the back in proud contrast to the grubby antiwar activists out there on the streets. (That would have included me.)

    But today there is a genuine contrast between the "silent majority" and the tea bagging deathers and birthers who disrupted so many town halls this August, who are actually a minority. But they could certainly make noise.

    I wonder how much rests on Obama's speech this Wednesday? it seems to me he has already made the case pretty well. And that by now we should have a general conception of what he wants, though he keeps going back and forth on the public option, riding the political tide.

    The opposition has settled into a crude sloganism - death panels, socialism, tyranny, etc. They are a minority. But the Blue Dogs are running scared, since many squeaked out victories in conservative districts where they will soon face strong Republican opposition.

    August created a vacuum which was filled by the birther/deathers. Now everything has to be put together again. It's all a matter of votes folks. The question appears to me to still be up in the air. Perhaps you see more clearly?

    If Obama should lose this, will it make an energy bill more difficult to pass? Though I hope the anti-science fantasies of those who deny global warming will put off enough Americans to build support for a good bill. And that the White House will more energetically argue for the bill's need. That Obama won't trust the Congress to write it. That it will be founded upon solid science, the facts, reality, and that Obama will vigorously make the case.