Subversive Art

"Hmmm, now about that art o the Wulfshead walls.... "


Speaking of which.....

This portrait of Sidney Franklin, "el nino de la sinagoga," renowned American bullfighter, and friend of my father's and Hemingway, may be coming to a bookstore soon near you. Where it may be put on display on an easel or wall. (Unfortunately, the original painting, which was quite large, no longer exists. My father didn't like it and cut it in half, painting over each half. Thanks to Town and Country, though, we have a photograph of it, from which this reproduction was taken.)

Now, what subversive clues are hidden away here? Notice the red.... That does not mean Red States folks, but you know what..... And this crowd all fought fascists during the Spanish Civil War......

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  1. Obviously the bull market is making short work of those stinking Reds, with the guiding, global hand of Freedom.