City Park Swans

Swans mate for life and in City Park New Orleans we had two mated pairs of white swans and a mated pair of black swans. Over the last couple years there has been one white offspring and one black one. In the last month or so these two solos have found each other and now you never see them apart. Can't wait to see what happens when these two produce offspring (assuming that they can). We may soon have creole swans - we already have creole ducks. In the post Katrina evolutionary pressure cooker our different species of ducks started cross breeding to produce an amazing variety of new creole ducks! Ain't life grand!


  1. Lets wish the swans luck!

  2. Swans are definitely noble creatures, at least at a distance. If they feel threatened they will attack with the vigor of enraged geese, whom they most definitely resemble.