The Eyes Have It

Here is that old question again---it goes way back in time:

Why is it that when a man tells a woman that he wants her . . . she looks down?

Most women do.

In-depth, thought-provoking looks at issues such as this have long been part of a renowned and respected Wulfshead's tradition epitomized by Ben Varkentine's esteemed Philosophy Lectures series [1] [2] [3].

In keeping with the tradition, it is my pleasure to present to you today: Dr. Paul Vehorn!

How to Know if a Shy Girl Likes You -- powered by

Dr. Paul Vehorn has a Ph.D and did graduate work in behavior psychology. He has also been a nationwide talk show host on the Sun Radio Network. Dr. Vehorn wrote "Dynamic Dating" and "Boomer Girls, a Woman's Guide to Men & Dating."


  1. Well, let's ask - where the gent's eyes are?

    Going up or down? Sidewise or upsize? Through and through or glancing? Polite or impolite? Demure or bold? Speculative or sure? Or too hungry to even see?

    Wherever his eyes are, they are not on her feet. Unless he has a fetish. Eh?

  2. "Why is it that when a man tells a woman that he wants her . . . she looks down?"

    Well silly... we're looking down to see just how badly you want us! ;-)

    Ohhh..... you said shy girls. Hmmm..... I'm not sure if I may jinclude myself under that label...?

  3. I don't know why, jin, looking down from such an invitation would help. The answer is to be found directly in his eyes, and if she is above him at that moment she has a tremendous advantage. From there she can command!

    But let us consider jinstead---oops, I mean instead, the plight of the guy answering the call of the naked sirens in the pond. Please note the lead lady is holding his gaze from below. Observe his awkward position at the moment. From my vast experience in the glorious mysteries of female eyes, I would say there will be no struggle here. A woman's eyes looking up into a man are the most seductive power on earth...or anywhere else. She may feign helplessness but if she has practiced her flirtations, she is completely confident in what she is doing. She draws him gently down to her, and he resists little or none at all. If it now is his fate to be torn limb from limb by the others, closing in, so be it. What a way to go!

  4. Oh Jazzy... there you go making me think so early in the morning before the coffee has even finished brewing!

    *jin tries to focus her eyes & think clearly*

    Alright, upon closer jinspection of the lily pond painting I've come to 2 conclusions:
    1.) Those ladies are not shy at all. They want him & have him they shall. He's toast.
    2.) I wouldn't be good in that scenario. I'd want him all to myjinself. I can share chocolate. I can't share men.

  5. Before jin's whole day becomes upsot...or besot as the case may be...let's get safely scholarly. The painting, entitled Hylas And The Nymphs, was created by John William Waterhouse in 1896. In the Greek myth, Hylas has traveled to the island of Lemnos with Hercules, who in some versions is his father, Mom being the nymph Melite. Aha, the plot thickens.

    When the nymphs spot him they fall in love with his nymphy beauty, and decide to seduce him...led by the nymph who's got him, Dryope. They swim him out to sea and though Hercules looks and looks, Hylas never is seen again. This also has happened to men who taste one of jin's original pastry concoctions.

  6. What puzzles me is why is the angel so limp? (There appear to be wings on his eager back.)

    By this point in the proceedings one would think he would, well, have a point?

    Is this a display of Victorian modesty? Or a reminder of how unearthly angels are? Would one want to be an angel if one can't fully, well, you know. Behave like an earthbound human being?

    Are we witnessing Victorian prudishness with this lack of explicit candor? Was this scene expressive of the widespread hypocrisy common at the time? Is the Angel actually gay? Do angels actually do it in a different manner? Can they only become excited from the neck up?

    He really should be robust by now. Everything about the scene would indicate it. Were the museum authorities afraid they would shock the elderly Victorian matrons walking by, on their way to the Rubens and Fra Angelicos? So while the passionate intent could be displayed the actual act had to be suppressed?

    Did I say Rubens......

  7. It's spiritual Paul. There are any number of female psychics who have angel intermediaries to help them deliver the messages from Beyond. I've never heard a single report of sexual interaction as an angelic sideline. Except for John Travolta (Michael) and Emma Thompson (Angels In America) angels prefer not to penetrate or seduce. It is difficult enough for an angel to make it from the Eternal into this finite place without having to manage an erection---which can mess up anyone's travel plans. Try dancing on the head of a pin and see how hard you get!

  8. Now that you put it that way, yeah it makes sense.

    Now how many angels with erections can dance on the head of a pin without swiping others off?

    And I can't refrain from remarking on the aforesaid "travel plans." What would the stewardesses in coach say?