Oh, that's not *right*......

It is entries like this that cause The Wulfshead to be banned by the Athens City School's Content Filter Service.


  1. I think the Filter isn't this sophisticated. No MySpace or FaceBook allowed, but somehow blogs and anything at YouTube is OK. Does that swan look a little woody to you?

  2. Love that woody swan!

    By the way I have been banned from the American Family Insurance Group's email and website. It seems I used the name of the Lord in vain. Hell I didn't think it was in vain. I had a point to make!!

  3. Would that woody swan be banned from the American Family Insurance Group too? I don't like the glint in its eye, especially where it appears to be directed. I hope that young lady can handle a woody though she appears to be hiding her face. Is she ashamed of her wayward thoughts?

    Look. Guys like us have to learn that truth does not supersede good taste. EXspecially when the good taste is stupid. Which is usually the case.

    A sure tip off, of course, is always the use of such phrases as "family values" or its derivative, "American family." Since apparently we don't belong to the Moral Majority, we must belong to the moral minority. That is, those who do not see sin where others do, such as in the glint in the eye of that swan, who appears to be thinking of partying all night. is it even of age? Or has this swan been around, deflowering innocent maidens who peer into its pond? Searching for a flower to put in their hair. Hoping that their reflection will be pretty?

    But, lo! The swan!

    Frankly, a good bar would be a good place to hide in when such lustful worldliness is taking place out the streets. If only the local temperance union doesn't drop by......