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  1. Hard to tell.

    Go to the source: the DLC website.

    Or wikipedia.

    The 2008 Democratic Primary pitted New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, a prominent DLC member, against Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who had previously stated that his positions on NAFTA, the Iraq War and universal health care made him "an unlikely candidate for membership in the DLC." However, President Obama has since surrounded himself with DLC members, including appointing one (Tim Kaine) chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In May of 2009, President Obama declared to the House New Democrat Coalition, the congressional arm of the DLC, "I am a New Democrat."

    Joe Lieberman, another notable member of the DLC, endorsed Republican Senator John McCain for presidency in 2008.

  2. Howard Dean once described the DLC as the "Republican wing of the Democratic Party."

  3. Marshall Wittmann [1], a former senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute (a think tank affiliated with the DLC), former legislative director for the Christian Coalition, and former communications director for Republican senator John McCain and Will Marshall [2] (one of the founders of the New Democrat movement and a vocal supporter of the war in Iraq), are among those associated with the DLC who have right-wing credentials.

  4. I agree with Dean.

    So how do we elect presidents in this country?

    Charm? Charisma? The guy (or woman) we would like to have a beer with?

    The toughest guy around, a military hero? An international kick ass? (Lieberman wants to take on Yeman. A tough man.)

    An embodiment of a political ideal? That being an irrational notion currently sweeping the country? These often come. They may be said to be nearly routine. Fear runs deep, doesn't it?

    The biggest and most successful fake?

    How did Lincoln get in? Were Americans more sensible then? Were the gods playing around with us? Let's not forget who his predecessor was. A true catastrophe. Why did Lincoln come around when he did? (Or did you even like him? There those who don't, you know?)

    I'm a fan of Roosevelt's. You may not be. But as a fan, how come we were so lucky? He actually put the people first, in spite of his failings and numerous deceits.

    Will Sarah Palin make it to the finals? Does she want to? I doubt it. She saw an opportunity to clean up, abandoned her governorship, and will make as much money as she can before her fortuitous balloon deflates. Somewhere, deep inside, she may realize she doesn't have what it takes, unless enough people encourage her to go all the way. She would believe that fake mirror image of herself, though I doubt she would be able to put up much of a true fight. For, after all, she appears to be only interested in making herself comfortable. Don't you agree?

  5. Where's the courage? Try on those red shoes! Or if cross-dressing isn't your thing---even on New Year's Eve---check out that little dog. You know you can acquire a creature's courage by eating it.