Meanwhile, in the men's room...

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  1. Faith healing prayer for American Democracy.

    No doctors allowed.

  2. "Mine's bigger than yours."

  3. Praying...What nonsense.

  4. Regarding this training film........

    A good primer for amateurs.

    Advanced students of the art know, though, that eye placement, body language, and physical contact are highly important too.

    For example, upon entering the restroom eyes should be focussed straight forward. Upon taking the stance eyes should narrowly focus down on the business at hand. Never, ever stare midships at your neighbor or attempt to see what he is doing.

    This sends the wrong message.

    The training film correctly identifies positions practitioners of the art should assume. And simply takes for granted that in an otherwise empty men's room, upon entering, you will not take up a position next to the man who is relieving himself. This is rarely done, and might create the wrong impression.

    Eyes forward, avoid any form of contact, keep your hands on the tool, aim straight forward, and hurriedly exit, without lingering, or smoking a cigarette, or reading a newspaper, upon finishing. Even if you feel at home in the restroom. Enjoy its overall male ambience, as a place to get away temporarily from woman. Like a chummy clubhouse. And are naturally curious about what goes on there.

    Women, on the other hand, appear to be far more casual, striking up conversations with their restroom mates. And are not as suspicious as American males are upon entering such quarters. Which, yes, as a male can at times be annoying. Since there are those of us who would like to perform their natural functions without worrying about all this other stuff.

  5. The political environment may have changed throughout the last decade, but the gender gap in political ambition remains striking. The record shows that, when it comes down to it, women perform just as well as men, yet there is a substantial gender gap in political ambition. Simply put: men tend to have it, and women don't. And so, it pretty much remains an "Old Boy’s Network" out there.