So you're wondering what else John Edwards could've done... embarass his family?

Two words:

Sex tape.

I can't believe I was actually for this guy once...


  1. I liked him too.

    After all, it has been decades since we heard any serious presidential candidate speak up for the poor. Not since LBJ.

    It sounded good.

    And, who knows, if he had been elected president he may have thrown out a few bones to the poor. Since his sex life is quite a different matter from his politics. Though, apart from the squalor of his affairs, he really displayed a reckless disregard for the good of our country.

    In 2004, when it briefly looked as if Dean might get the nomination, Carol Mosley Brown threw her support to Dean. And implied Edwards was a phony. I always wondered what she meant by that. Now I know.

    I once heard an old timer, beard, country accent and all, tell me what the difference between a Republican and a Democrat is. According to the old timer, the Republicans keep the entire hunk of meat. The Democrats take the meat but at least throw back a bone with a bit of marrow to make some soup. That comes pretty close, don't you think?

  2. I liked him and didn't' really care that he had an affair, but the way the whole thing has been handled has diminished him.

  3. The most powerful force on earth is not the hydrogen bomb. It is the vagina.

  4. I think you have a point there.

    Er, not physically necessarily but the mental one.

  5. Oh, down here in ol' virginny, we knew he was a dog :)