White Man's Burden

White man's burden?


  1. And now at least one black man's it would seem.

    Although I guess we could affect Tiger Woods' nonchalance and say an AmeriAfricanIrishLatinAsian man?

    Not really as meaningful though.

    Thanks for your neat blog!


    P.S. I'm blogrolling you.

  2. Hi Suzan!! Ain't this a neat place?? Powerful graphics...

  3. That looks like a Palestinian kid lobbing one at an Israeli tank.

    Here in the US kids play baseball and football. They think about their middleclass lives and careers. They think about getting married and living in a nice place with a decent income. If they are lucky, and aren't growing up in some place like East Oakland where gunfire is a common background noise at night. Where all the windows are barred and tall chainlink fences enclose yards. And a sterile atmosphere taints the streets.

    In the occupied territoires kids play cat and mouse with Israeli soldiers. When thing get really bad some get killed. The Israelis have an army, the Palestinians have rocks. And homemade rockets which may land somewhere in the vicinity of where they're shot. They have small arms, explosives, and suicide bombers.

    So Bono recently asked, "where the Palestinian Ghandis?" Thinking, of course, of a nonviolent resistance which would be so much more effective than senseless suicide bombings, clearly a crime against innocents. And counterproductive for the Palestinian cause

    Well, what was the response to Bono's well meaning question? Many immediately pointed out they're all in jail or in graves. That's where they are. Do a simple Google search if you should want more on this...... Or go to Counterpunch -