Attention Michele Bachman Fans!

If you have been at all attentive to the current CPAC conference on C-SPAN you may have seen Michele Bachman proudly present the billboard above today to a large, cheering crowd. Apparently it has begun to show up on the sides of some of America's roadways.

Now while this billboard should perhaps not be confused with another, extremely similar billboard......

the individuals portrayed here are not actually the same. Even if the similarity is striking. But they can at least be accurately described as soul brothers. That should be obvious, drunk or sober.

But the real reason I brought up Sister Bachman is because, among other things, she offered at least one truly striking assertion today (but when doesn't she?) and I wonder if the media will pick up on it? And if this may not be a new Republican talking point?

Of course, the Republic is falling apart. We are hell bent on creating a tyrannical massive central government, which will take away all our liberties. Germany, Sister Bachman told us, was in the same position we are in today in the nineteen twenties. Argentina the same in the nineteen forties. (Get the similarity? Ie, they were approaching fascist dictatorships.)

Okay, so far this is par for the course for Sister Michele. But here's what really struck me as over the top. She began comparing our current economic situation to the recession FDR inherited in the thirties. "Recession," did she say, I thought it was a depression. Was this a slip of the tongue? No, for it appears Sister Michele believes FDR inherited only a mild recession in nineteen thirty three and turned it into a full blown depression with all his big government spending. That the Great Depression was FDR's fault!

The Republican right has long been committed to a Capitalist orthodoxy which insists big government and taxes are bad and deregulation is good. They are truly fighting for their souls in this for if the President and the Congress have even one single big government success (in healthcare, energy, the environment, education, reregulation, etc.) it will prove that they are basically wrong. And that, of course, they can't bear to see.

So what's left to them? Being the Party of No, blocking all progress, and blaming the country's problems on big government progressives.

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  1. I miss him in the sense that it truly was an idiot in the white house intent on destroying America while Bush was president.