I had actually hoped it would be Chess

"I prefer Senet."


"Well, I understand that — but Senet has so much of a random element to it. Considering what the stakes are, it's difficult to accept that the game hinges on a throw of the dice. Or of the sticks."

"I would be content that this works in my favor, if I were you."


"I have been playing Senet for a very long time. If I wished to cheat, you would never know. But I favor the randomness. It means that mortals may very well win against me. It is a bit fairer."

"Yes, I know. It just... I like being in control. You know how it is."


"Of course."

"And there's always the chance that you, or Death, hasn't seen the latest gambit."

"Young one, setting up a chessboard in front of Death is an opening gambit practically older than Chess itself. As we idly discuss the prospect of playing chess against her, she hears us and whets her game like a knife. It is a far poorer gamble than relying on the random cast of three sticks."


"Ah. How unfortunate."

Astral Realms
Alexander Freed, Peter Schaefer,
Malcolm Sheppard, and John Snead

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