Most people will tell you the same thing about it:

Arkham Horror was one of the games that I lay awake at night, wondering what would have happened if I had done something differently. It's one of those games where we didn't talk about the mechanics afterwards, but rather the story. It's one of those games where everyone stands up and high-fives each other when something good happens for the team.
---Tom Vasel's review
People will tell you:
It also makes you lose some sanity each time you play it. It’s wonderful having a game that does it’s best to drive you to the edge of a really good panic and then kick you on the stomach and show that yes, things can be a LOT worse.
---Shina's Sketch Diary

You know how it is:
It never seems that players can keep up. If they shut down one gate, another opens. If they overcome one threat, two more spring up. The terror level keeps rising, driving away valuable allies and shutting down useful stores. And that stinkin' Cthulhu is just sitting in the background, laughing and waiting . . .
But enough about American politics.

It all can be so . . . alienating . . .

I find my thoughts drifting to Gegory Weir today . . . The Majesty of Colors:

There are five different endings, and your (in)action throughout determines the outcome.
It's rare to play something with its roots in emotion, rather than mere atmosphere. I can relate to this game, because I once had a dream about vibrant colors that I would never see again. Because I've looked down upon the seething crowds of New York from a 40th-story window. Because I knew a girl who dreamed every night about a sea full of floating corpses. Because I've turned strangers into friends, and friends into strangers.
---Psychotronic, on The Majesty of Colors

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  1. Now I have to think....Arkham Horror....The wonderful H.P. Lovecraft .... OK! Gotta check this out!