Eat, Drink, Rock, Raise Hell

Quite a charming find by the Gentleman from Seattle.

And right up the alley of the Gentleman from Ohio.

A mere one hour and a half drive from Athens.

What does the gentleman say?

Head east on W Washington St. toward N Court St.

Take the 1st left onto N Court St.

Take the 2nd right onto Fern St.

Turn left at E State St.

Turn right at W Stimson Ave.

Take the ramp to US-33 W

Keep left at the fork to continue toward US-33 W and merge onto US-33 W

Slight right to merge onto I-70 W toward Downtown

Take exit 101A to merge onto I-71 N toward US-40/Broad St/Cleveland

Take the exit on the left onto I-670 W

Take exit 3 to merge onto W Goodale St. (a portentous name , sir)

Turn right at Neil Ave.

Turn right at W 5th Ave.

Turn right at N High St.

And Ta-Da, there you are, sir.

The Surly Girl will be on the gentleman's left!

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