"Today the American people have a renewed confidence in our Democratic Party..."

You want it when ?


  1. How flattering, I received one too. And my immediate response is requested!

    As well it should. I mean, Rahm Emanuel made it abundantly clear how important surveys such as this one are to the White House. I tell you, it feels good to be lemme see... how much exactly is a "f**king retard" expected to contribute anyway? The survey doesn't say.

  2. - What do you believe are the core principles of the Democratic Party?

    - What do you believe should be the thrust of the Democratic Party message?

    These two questions are no longer part of the survey. My guess is they got these all figured out already. About time, too, that they did! I am not entirely clear about how the responses are processed, but I am sure this is all analyzed in earnest, and apparently the consensus must have been that the party needed to stay on message and show more contempt for progressives and refer to liberals as "irrational" and "insane."

  3. The Obama administration may have some damage control to work on ahead of November. Or not, depending on how damaging to the GOP Sarah Palin's undermining of Republican candidates turns out during the midterm elections.

    On one hand, there are people like Joe Trippii (he ran Howard Dean's grass-roots campaign in 2004) who are concerned that the White House legislative strategy may have hurt the Obama brand, "because cutting deal in Nebraska with a U.S. senator for $100 million for his sate is not what the Obama brand was about. It was about not top-down cutting deals. It was sort of 'bottom-up' energy of people having more say and having a bigger impact on Washington."

    On the other hand, everybody loves a winner. So, it may depend on how successful the DNC is at selling the HCR to the left as a victory instead of the betrayal some perceive it to be. But I think Rahm Emanuel is right and the left doesn't really matter. It hasn't in years. And will matter even less after this. As does Government.

    What Obama's first year in office has confirmed thus far is that there is only one political reality. That reality is power. And Money is power. Just so long as Obama remains onboard with the big boys, he'll do just fine. Like Clinton did.

    The reality of Obama's fundraising, with regard to the money contributed to his campaign by small donors, was impressive, but the reality does not match the myth (not according to that analysis by the Campaign Finance Institute). For all the talk about grassroots fundraising, the contribution of "donors like you," is just peanuts compared to how big a role Wall Street money plays in the parties money machine.

  4. /"the contribution of 'donors like you,' is just peanuts..."/

    Not according to my bank account.