Years ago I set out to change my corner of the world with my first blog. It had a wide readership in western Illinois but the reality was nobody cared what I had to say. A post would generate a thousand or so hits and a hundred or so comments. Most of the time they were just to swear at me or each other.

It never gained me any fame or money. It did piss off right wingers so that was a good thing. And in the end, isn't that enough? To just type something and be happy with it? Or am I settling for mediocrity and blissful obscurity? Which isn't so bad. I can always find a barstool at The Wuflshead and hope someone posts a naughty picture or two. I just hope nobody thinks less of me that I've discovered the joy that comes with having no goals anymore. Just a barstool. Interesting people and the occasional scantily clad hot chick.

Life ain't so bad.


  1. I concur!
    -sometimes, I do wish I could change the world with a blogpost
    -other times, I just like to know there's someone out there listening
    -and occasionally, I like to be that scantily clad chick


  2. I of course immediately clicked on the gray/blue script. And was pleasantly rewarded.

    Not bad, not bad at all. That distraction, of course, made me forget what the post was originally all about. I'll get back to it later, when my head clears.

    Enjoy your voyages and travels. They're sure to be exciting. Even rewarding. Ah, to be young.

  3. Judge, if I may say.....

    There those who would kill for that, a cozy permanent, or near permanent bar stool and front row seat at the scene.

    While others take the Sarah Palin route. I think you should consider yourself lucky. Not being Sarah Palin that is.

    Some can say, look, she's rich, isn't she? She’s a celebrity and has millions of fans. She can charge a hundred thousand dollars just to stand up in front of a lot of people and make a speech. She came up out of Alaska’s wilderness and, without brains, integrity, character, or any training or knowledge, accomplished the American dream.

    But who believes in it, the American dream, anymore? Who puts Wall Street above Main Street? Who believes in the empty MSM technicolor showmanship? Who is not a complete cynic today?

    Is that why a vulgar, unformed spirituality has risen into near dominance today? Because it is something better than TV? Because if offers a solid rock in a sea of materialism? Because the Founders offered a Constitution which guaranteed religious freedom?

    Some of us pray at the alter of the bar. That’s where I am tonight. Gimme another one, please?

    Watched too much Goldman Sacks today. To think, we have to battle Wall Street today? All these gentile Ivy millionaires with expensive art (much of it probably bad) on their East Side home walls, showing up before the Congress today. Nervous, badly slept, scared. Men with breeding, good educations, perhaps even liberal Democrats, caught now in their own mouse trap of greed. Shaking like common drunks facing a judge in night court. Thrown into the slammer with all those their limos always merely sped by. Now sharing the same lice infected cots.

    And still we struggle over this, in our country where Capitalism is king. And Americans even dare look down upon Europeans and others who put homely human values first. And may even still believe in a commons. Though none of us anywhere can escape our natures.

  4. If it's any consolation Jin, the link you provided altered my present state. Thanks.

  5. Ah yes Quinty, let us enjoy the ironies of The Wulfshead. A carefully reasoned and literate comment is overlooked entirely by our Truth Judge...probably even blotted out of memory...and we peruse cool and luscious cleavage. The moral of the story forgot what I was talking about.

  6. *grin*
    You guys crack me up!

  7. I am a slave to shallowness Lord Jazzolog. Just as Governor Mark Sanford, a "magnificent pair" does indeed blot out the sound intellectual offerings of my fellow Wulfshead patrons.

    For that, I am truly grateful to the Creator.

  8. Indeed, Your Honour. To celebrate such good fortune, how about buying the house a round?