The Nuremberg Defense

I do what they tell me.

We all do.

What a joke. I don't care who picks them, certainly, these wogs can't govern themselves.


  1. Matt Taibbi~~~

    It’s basically a risk-free strategy. You get up on stage and you say, “I’m just like all you idiots. And you idiots rock!” People will fall for this stuff. The ingenious part in Sarah Palin’s case is that she probably genuinely believes it.

    She one-ups even George Bush in this respect. Bush was sincere in his respect for the citizen’s right to craft important opinions about the world while drinking beer and watching baseball, and that came across in his speeches — it was a big reason for his success.

    But Bush couldn’t have spent more than ten minutes in a dirty trailer in Arkansas before signaling for the helicopter. The guy was just too used to being around rich people, nice houses, cigarette boats full of sheiks and oil executives, etc. Sarah Palin on the other hand really is the kind of person who you can picture eating egg salad off a ping-pong table. That and her utterly genuine stupidity and meanness can take her a long way — all by themselves, I think these things can win the White House for her — and it seems like she senses this on an animal/reptilian level. Hence the renewed emphasis on jacking off her audiences of late.

  2. I can see it: Madam President has a nice ring to it.

    I understand the UFO Alien did give it some serious thought for 2008, but Sarah Palin would have galvanized the Left to a degree unmatched even by Bush, Jr.

    As for Hillary Clinton, the writing was on the wall for all to see (a growing disenchantment within the progressive movement with the DLC and the Clinton brand): if elected Hillary Clinton might have triggered an identity crisis within the Democratic party--and the UFO Alien didn't want to take a chance with that, not during that particular zeitgeist.

    Barack Obama on the other hand was a most perfect choice: no one could have devitalized the progressive movement as he has been doing ever since he took office.

    David Sirota on Salon, last week:

    Behold, for instance, major environmental groups' attitude toward the Gulf oil spill.

    We know that before the disaster, President Obama recklessly pushed to expand offshore drilling. We also know that his Interior Department gave British Petroleum's rig a "categorical exclusion" from environmental scrutiny and, according to the New York Times, "gave permission to BP and dozens of other oil companies to drill in the Gulf without first getting required [environmental] permits." Worse, we know that after the spill, the same Interior Department kept issuing "categorical exclusions" for new Gulf oil operations, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar still refuses "to rule out continued use of categorical exclusions," as the Denver Post reported (heckuva job, Kenny!).

    Undoubtedly, had this been the behavior of a Republican administration, "the left's" big environmental organizations would be scheduling D.C. protests and calling for firings, if not criminal charges. Yet, somehow, there are no protests. Somehow, there have been almost no calls for the resignation of Salazar, who oversaw this disaster and who, before that, took $323,000 in campaign contributions from energy interests and backed more offshore drilling as a U.S. senator. Somehow, facing environmental apocalypse, there has been mostly silence from "the left."

    That silence is similarly deafening when it comes to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

  3. Aaah, so that's what happened on that day when Obama invited Kucinich aboard Air Force One.

    I had been wondering what it was exactly that Obama had told Dennis. No-one will ever know.

    What changed Kucinich's mind?

    Chances are he was shown a copy of that paper depicting the UFO Alien endorsing the President's plan.

  4. I haven't seen Dennis' wife lately. You don't suppose aliens are holding her hostage---or maybe experimenting...

  5. "That and her utterly genuine stupidity and meanness can take her a long way — all by themselves, I think these things can win the White House for her — and it seems like she senses this on an animal/reptilian level."

    We seem to totter in this country between out and out madness and a large segment which hopes for basic sanity. It always seems to run down the fifty percent line. As yet we are not way over and about 70% mad. Unfortunately we are not solidly grounded and about 85% sane, leaving some leeway for the truly mad, such as Glenn Beck, as a laughable and insignificant minority.

    Watching this makes us wonder (at least some of us) if the gods are not truly playing with us? For this is the issue it all comes down to in the next election. Will the country go insane, completely insane, or not? Or, "by the skin of our teeth," will we be once again saved?

  6. Look, how can a mere earthling know as much as an alien? We all know they are superior to us. If they were mere roaches or protoplasmic blobs they would be hovering in the ground of their distant planet looking at us enviously, with no way of getting here. Heart burn would be so endemic as they gobble each other up in they would have no time for us. So when the alien told Kucinich to support his president we know they were in the grasp of a superior being.

    As for Kucinich's wife, is she a woman with a mind of her own?

  7. Elizabeth Kucinich? Surely you jest~~~

  8. Congressman Kucinich is a vegan himself. Probably an animal rights supporter too. Perhaps that helped bring them (the Kuciniches) together, besides the, uh, you know? An aspect of their relationship the Congressman must surely appreciate and enjoy. What the lady in question thinks is beyond me, though I hope she enjoys it too. As an oldster I wonder what it may be like for a woman in her twenties or thirties to make out with me. With gusto.

    Not much chance, since I'm neither rich or famous, and have little to offer in my gene pool: though, true enough, I have Viceroys representing the crown in the Spanish Antilles in my background and some titled aristocrats, too. And, of course, a father who had an enormous artistic imagination and intelligence. And sufficient charisma to have had some great writers, artists, and even politicians as friends. All kinds of people in fact.

    If it's all about reinforcing and renewing the gene pool then maybe I could help out. But looking at me, ah well, that would not be too promising, in the eye of the young, without my papers. And I can understand why a beautiful young woman may not be interested in me. (Though at least in a theoretical manner some have.) Though I must say I still catch some immature suspicions in that regard from attractive young ladies on the street. Who seem to think every man on Earth wants to make out with them. Who knows? These women may be reacting from a deep experience, and rather than smile sadly at their suspicions men should try to understand. But you know how that is.

    Dennis needs some recompense when he comes home at night. A glittering beautiful woman may do that for him, and this may be his best reward, or distraction. A way of forgetting all about the trials he daily faces in the House. In those moments he may be completely free. And that may be the way he defines loves. But I truly don’t know.

  9. Since we are sitting along the bar drinking I thought I would bring up the subject of aguardiente.

    Is anyone here familiar with this clear alcoholic beverage which is the essence of alcohol? Sitting in a cozy small restaurant in Spain a week ago I asked our waiter for a pinch of something local when our splendid repast came to an end. He brought me a tiny little glass which was filled to the brim. I sniffed. It had a slightly familiar scent. I tasted, and knew what it was. Aguardiente. Stuff which even in a thimble sized cup can knock you onto your ass.

    I could have gone with hierbas or a Spanish brandy, which is as good as cognac. I could have had an after dinner port or perhaps nothing more than the strong coffee. But I chose aguardiente as an enlivement to accompany my coffee.

    This is distilled fire. The breath of the gods, angry at that. This will murder more people on a Saturday night than any gangland execution. This is worse than Eyjafjallajokull blowing up. This is the spirit of the sun condensed into a clear drop, one which will make walking down the street more perilous than walking backwards on a tightrope 800 feet high.

    Try it some time. You may like it.

    Now, let me work on my current drink. Not mean stuff at that.