Actually, he would've come off more coherent if he had just screamed "FUCK THEM FAGGOTS!"

Lawyer for Prop8 displayed pitiful closing arguments; even the Judge argued for the other side

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  1. There some lesbians and gays who live down the street from us, in these craftsman's bungalows from the twenties. Nice places, which have been despoiled, though, with the stench of sin. Oh yes, Lord, I can smell it. Sin!

    Every night I sneak up in back of these houses with my binoculars, recording equipment, hound dogs (trained to detect certain specific scents needless to say) wooden spiked crosses to pound into the ground, and a direct line to various pastors here and there (mostly in the deep south) who personify the highest moral and family values.

    I watch as the gays and lesbians undress, commit lewd acts, profess their love for one another, recording all this on advanced magnetic devices which I transmit to the distant pastors. A crime is being committed! Love, lewd and indecent, is expressed behind those closed curtains. I must quash it all before it spreads throughout the neighborhood. Before its unholy scent invades every house, degeneracy’s ruin and corruption gripping every home. So saith the One Inviolable God!

    That is my sacred mission at night, as I prowl about. Crawl through bushes, sit on tree limbs peering into windows. For even if they close their curtains on me, commit their sinful acts in secrecy, I will search them out. My hound will howl, my electronic equipment will buzz, my wooden crosses will palpitate with the fervor of the Lord, demanding to be staked into the ground where the sinful play and enact their crimes against nature and Almighty God. Amen.

    Haul the wretches out, I say. Crucify them. Burn them at the stake. Make them pay!

    For morality’s great goal is to bring as much pain and misery as possible to the world. That’s my mission, my ultimate reward, taking solace and comfort in all the suffering I can create!