---no less---is at stake!

Or so they say:

I am curious how this kind of language differs from the language the Nazis used to describe the Jews?

What next?

Will all Muslims in Europe and in America be required to wear a yellow badge?

What about Mexican Americans?

"There are many humorous things in the world among them the white man's notion that he is less savage than the other savages."
~Mark Twain, Following the Equator, 1897


  1. Wonderful, and well said.

    Sure, the white man's burden, slaughter all the savages because we have to spread civilization and Christianity....

    And what better proof of our natural superiority than murder, butchery, theft, and war?

  2. "Exceptionalism is an ideology propagated by the power elites of two nations of vastly different proportions and histories - Israel and the U.S. - but each declaring a divinely manifest destiny, each justifying a permanent state of exception, each engaging in extrajudicial assassinations and occupations, each with its second-class humanities and 'internal enemies'."

  3. That puts it into a nut shell alright.

    And our politicians, even the progressives, are so afraid of AIPAC that they fall all over themselves to defend little Israel's right "to defend itself."

    You would think those humanitarian aid ships had been another D Day invasion the way the Israeli propaganda machine reacted.

    (And please don't tell me (whoever you are) the Israeli settlers in the occupied territories don't see the Palestinians as vermin.)