Quinty's Koan

"I haven't the slightest idea," said the Hatter.

"Nor I," said the March Hare.


  1. I'm not a big fan of most of Tom Petty's music, but there's a few of his songs that seem just perfect to me. That's one of them.

    And does that leave Biden as the dormouse?

  2. So today is the big primary day?

    Let's vote all the bums out, I say! All of them. Any incumbent, whatever his politics, record, or past history. And let's vote for any candidate who claims not to be a politician, a Washington insider, or at all content with the way things are. For we need an overall anger barometer to measure the fury of any candidate who wants to clean things up. The more inexperienced and ignorant but angry he is the better.

    (This message has been brought to you by a lobbyist representing all lobbyists who will guide all the Washington newcomers around, showing them where the men’s and ladies’ rooms are down the hall in the House and Senate office buildings. And, best of all, will instruct our novitiates how to vote, being the only ones now in Washington who know the current legislative issues and how government works.)

  3. Guidance is important. This is why every freshman is assigned a more experienced Senator as a mentor to help him/her learn the ropes.

    When Barack Obama was sworn in as a U.S. senator in 2005, his mentor, as we all know, was none other than Senator (and former vice presidential candidate) Joe Lieberman.

    "As his mentor, as his colleague, as his friend, I look forward to helping him [Barack Obama] reach to the stars and realize not just the dreams he has for himself, but the dreams we all have for him and our blessed country."
    ---Senator Joe Lieberman,
    JJB Dinner, Hartford, CY - 3.30.06

    What a momentous time, that was.

    Less than four years later, Barack Obama won the presidency of the United States, capturing in the process a whopping 52.9% of the popular vote to McCain's 45.7%.

    The rest is history.

  4. Ah! This shows how little you guys really know about Washington.

    Watch and learn: here is what actually takes place ;-)

  5. Could it really be that simple?

    It would sure help explain a lot (Mystery solved)!

    Wouldn't it?

    All that would need to be done then is require of Congressmen and Congresswomen that they take their shirts off so that people could be satisfied that they are not possessed by some alien parasitic entity attached to their backs.

    But how do you ask a Senator to take his or her shirt off?


    Ask Scott Brown!

    Or Mary Landrieu.