Villains by necessity

Via Wired, via Dvice

Is that so?

Mmm...this could be fun!

And my anticivic self asks: "Where are the counterpowers?"


  1. Ah heck, but what can such a device do for a gent at midnight groping one handed into the nighttime dark, unable to find the men's room light, who's searching for a urinal while simultaneously grappling with his zipper in a state of dire emergency? A state heavy, protracted drinking has been known to produce.

    Can it:

    A: Prevent accidents?

    B: Ensure one's aim?

    C: Find a urinal in the dark which is not currently in use?

    D: Prevent our intrepid adventurer from letting loose on an innocent soul relieving himself in peace?

    E: Help distinguish a urinal from a sink? Or a broom closet?

    F: Guide our well meaning drunk into the men's room rather than the women's room? Thus avoiding a scandal?

    I ask these questions as a patron of the Wulfshead, whose concerns are affected by such issues. And who, under such circumstances, would hate not to quickly return to his place at the bar, relieved, relaxed, and with a clear conscience.

  2. G: All of the above?

    But then it might require the assistance of one of these.

  3. Yes, this will surely aid those who are "blind drunk."

  4. Lol to the "blind drunk." I think I have been there a time or two.