What Barack Obama won't tell you

I don't speak much about politics, sir - it doesn't go with the job.

But, isn't it obvious?

It has all happened before.

No great conspiracy theory, here.

Money is power.

And money begets money.

The alpha cats rule the pack.

Some say, it is their right.

Isn't it the way nature intended it?

They earned a way.

The old fashion way, sir.

Call it piracy, if you will...

That too is the way of the world.

It all happened before.

In Athens...

In Rome...

And before the United States of America, came Britannia.
The English monarch from the very beginning was a limited monarch. English kings created what is termed a "feudal monarchy." This may sound like a contradiction in terms. What it meant was that the monarch left the feudal lords with a great deal of local power, but these lords had to accept the dominant role of and pay homage to the monarch as the top authority, the top leader on the feudal "ladder".  In essence, the English king was the "top lord" and the great nobles, known as barons, pledged themselves in service as his loyal vassals.

The barons, however were, at the time, the real rulers...

What we have now in most of Western Europe and in America are "feudal democracies." This may sound like a contradiction in terms. What it means is that money is free speech and that once again the economic barons are the real rulers. Like their medieval predecessors these lords accept the dominant role of the government and pay homage, in name only, to the "elected" leaders of today's fledging democracies.

As, increasingly, "local powers" and governments all over the world are being weakened and supplanted by the global power of borderless multinational corporations (some of which have their own private police/army), the comfortable illusion of a government of the people, by the people, for the people has become increasingly a difficult charade to maintain.

"Too big to fail," is a sign of the power of the feudal lords of our times. As is the diffidence of today state-nations competing with one another (and foreign tax havens) in their subservience to the Economic Barons whose investments they are desperate to keep within their borders.

One can speculate as to how the privatization of space exploration, a costly new frontier, might potentially accelerate that dynamic as it consolidates the power of the economic barons of tomorrow - turned space barons.

But that too has all happened before.

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