At The Suggestion of Jin

The Gulf Spill Cocktail. From Deep Sea News, and be sure to read comment #1 for an idea on how to make it even more life-like.

Reposted from OTI, with the title "Too Soon?" Any oil spill or other disaster-related drinks? (The recipe for the above actually sounds kind of tasty, but man, that is one ugly drink.)


  1. Yay! That means I get a free one, right?
    (or two or three if they're small... I looooooveeeeee blueberries)

  2. Ooops, I knocked mine over. It's a spilled Spill! Or is this glass leaking? Bartender!!

  3. OK, everybody just calm down, now.

    I am sure there are enough blueberries for everyone.

  4. Mr Trovato! Where on earth did you find that photo of me?!!?

  5. Great! We'll never get enough of these if people keep wolfing them down.

    Stick out your tongues.

    Aha! Just what I thought.

    No blueberries martini for you tonight, go wash your hands.

  6. What, me worry?

    Spilled spills. In a decent bar no one worries about that. Just mop it up with your rag bartender. So what if it, the rag, smells like beer slop. The wino seated next to me at the previous bar smelled the same. Drinkers don't worry about that.

    "Here's to BP!"

  7. Quinty please! In The Wulfshead, Bartender's sacramental cloth NEVER is called a "rag."

    Regarding Ben's calming picture, it couldn't be jin. She'd never climb in there with a swimsuit on.

  8. Aha- touché jazzy!

    Oh & ever since I've been here poorpoor bartender has lost his beloved rag over & over again. Someone keeps replacing it with an organic hemp cloth. He suspected me you know... the nerve!

  9. Yes, the hemp is part of the sacramental nature of it. And the cloths roll up quite well for communion with the hookah in the back room. Hence, all the replacements that need to go on. Let's leave our combustible drinks here, jin, and retire to the smoking quarters for a while.