I hear you, BV...

I do like her. And I like libraries too.

But, on a beautiful day like this... Ahh, how did Walt Whitman put it?

"Give me the splendid silent sun
with all his beams full-dazzling."


  1. You mean you would go out of the bar into THAT? The sun?

    Reminds me of an admonition I once heard against ever giving W. C. Fields a drink of water. it would kill him faster than a gun shot to the head.

    No, I suggest you remain in shadow, where it's safe. Where the sun can never touch you. Even if temptations lure you outside, into the full dazzle sun. Your eyes and tender skin are not prepared for that. No seasoned drinker would ever attempt such a thing.

    Though I like the angle, the studious angle, care, and artful focus, of the photo too. Yes, it shows much talent. And that photographer has a future. But he should get back into the bar too where it's safe.

  2. Yes, a famous painter I know about said something about the disgraceful behavior of looking up a woman's skirt.
    Is there anything worse than midday drinking and then venturing out into the sun? Well, maybe after a 3D matinee back in the '50s and into the sun---that was worse.