This tranquil haven of democracy

Let's face it, budget problems means drastic budget cuts.

It is time to remember what some of our top priorities should be in these troubled economic times.

Family values, of course, should remain one of our top priorities.

Lifeguards have long had responsibility for the enforcement of laws and regulations.

Municipal Code sections have been known to be added to give lifeguards the specific title of public officer; with the right to arrest for misdemeanors and infractions. This also gave lifeguards the right to release those arrested on their written promise to appear in court at a future time. In other words, in some counties, lifeguards have been given the right to issue citations.

In some instances, lifeguards assigned to harbor patrol functions are designated as harbor police, which eventually makes these lifeguards peace officers.

I know; it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

Lifeguard Service all over the States has continued to expand and improve its operations to accommodate the increased use of beaches and waterways over the years.

As County commissioners are deciding what program should be among the ones they have to cut to make up for their budget shortfall, they ought to be reminded that the skills and techniques of life-guarding have come a long way. As such skills and techniques continue to improve, so will the Lifeguard Service and the great ministry they render our Nation.

Most people agree, the extra eyes make them feel safer. And safety is what the land of the free and the home of the brave is all about, right?

It means other County programs will have to be at risk of getting the budget cut ax, of course. But there are so many useless programs to choose from in our needlessly overburdened County budgets. After all, how many public libraries does this Nanny Nation of ours really need anyway?

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