He's right. It won't happen, but he's right.

Michael Moore: Five Ways the Democrats Can Avoid a Catastrophe and Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets

If you're of a mindset that believes a return to 2001-2008 would be sheer insanity, then you probably agree we've got no choice but to save the Democrats from themselves.

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  1. I like the idea of wall to wall press coverage.Over here the Conservative party(right of centre) have managed to capture the media by constantly blaming the previous Labour government(nominally left of centre) for the financial deficit and the media have swallowed it as though it were a fact.The credit crunch was/is a global phenomenon caused by banks and bankers.Our previous Government had to bail out the banks to the tune of £120 billion,so it's not as if they spent the money on wine,women and whisky(and then wasted the rest)yet the Labour Party won't point this out.Win the media battle and you take the war.