The Mama Grizlies are Coming!

Down in the dumps? Feeling blue? Here's the perfect bracer. A little inspirational film which should energize you to go back out there into the fight. Help is coming! Just vote! Repeat to yourself, "We're the greatest" a hundred times. Write it on a blackboard. And clobber any liberal you see out on the street who doubts it.


  1. We have a lot of "conservatives" running about today. All running for office on a platform of "fiscal conservatism" and "family values." Republicans who want America to return to its former greatness. Who believe we have lost our way.

    But scratch the surface of these folks, with their "fiscal conservatism" and "family values," and what do you often find motivating them?

    That in truth they're Christian fundamentalists.

    That's all. People who are running for office and who are already in office. They just believe God made the Earth in seven days and that life begins at conception. Not for any scientific reasons, of course. Though let's not forget they have spent a great deal of time and energy and money finding ways to rhetorically support these basic religious beliefs.

    What can we deduce from all this?

    That our country has gone nuts? That we are a nation of lunatics? That we would prefer cut off our collective noses rather than face hard reality in order to solve our problems?

    So all the "bums" will be kicked out in this election only to be replaced by a collection of stellar bums the likes of which we have rarely seen before. Every ugly human tendency will be represented in the Congress if this far right class of 2010 would-be Congressional freshmen wins. Every form of hate and bigotry will be represented. Fear will live and the torch will be held high. Greed will sit triumphant. Ignorance and stupidity will hold sway, self righteously proclaiming the true God. Not overtly, of course. But through all the mechanations these “conservatives” introduce to protect fiscal "common sense" and "family values."

  2. What's more, there still millions of Americans who believe the myths. They compound, of course, the fundamentalists who know it is only "tree huggers" and college profs in Berkenstocks who believe in global warming. That God is all powerful and likes to snort auto exhaust straight from the pipe of a clunker speeding 100 mph down the way. And that God invented the Kalashnikov.

  3. Thanks, J, for your delicacies and consideration.

    But I always thought a man went into a bar to cry. That is, unless he's looking for the bright lights and laughter.

    These top ten reasons all bring up commonsensical concerns.

    Question is, are the voters paying any attention to them? Maybe, maybe not. Thornton Wilder, as you know, wrote a play called "By the Skin of our Teeth." It was all about how our nation narrowly avoided sinking in one calamity or another, as you know. Maybe, once again, the outlandish won't prevail. By the skin of our teeth we will avoid another fall.

    As an aside, by the way, never go into a bar or drink to grieve. That will only make matters much worse. We know that, though.... Or maybe there exceptions.