The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!

By George, he's got it!

Dick Armey, the recently-retired Republican majority leader, claimed that "Bipartisanship is another name for date rape."

Except that for some mysterious reason, the way this all seems to work, the Dem somehow always ends-up the helpless victim . . .

. . . or so sayeth the Dem.

The Dem does protest too much, methinks.

Now once again, where does it rain?


  1. Ben, if you want to speak the truth, really speak the truth, you have to remain on the center right.

    There's no other way.

    (Well done, by the way.)

  2. Not that I cower. Though I would never like anyone to critically criticize me as a "liberal." That would be like being told bald faced that I have gonorrhea. Or syphilis with all its filthy and repugnant connotations. So of course to remain in the good graces of my constituents I proudly say, "What me, a liberal? Never!" Because the evil stain of the left, decades of Stalinism, Socialism, Wing nuttery, Pointy headed intellectualism, Elitism, and plain old fashioned Anti Americanism, can't truly describe me. Why, I'm like Christine O'Donnell, plain, hardworking, dumb, ignorant, a true red blooded American! A complete idiot in fact! Yes, I'm as good as the rest.

    Can anyone deny that?