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Minn. Pol With Gun Outside Abortion Clinic Says He Was Just In Area 'Checking On' His Girlfriend

A security guard at a St. Paul Planned Parenthood clinic called the cops last week after he spotted a Republican state lawmaker with a loaded gun in the parking lot. But the pol says he was only "checking on" his online girlfriend, who he thought may be on a date with another man -- a claim police have not been able to corroborate because the man did not have a phone number or address for the woman.

Police have not been able to track down the mystery woman. Hackbarth said he didn't have her phone number or address, as he only communicated with her via an online dating site. He also told police he didn't remember the name of the site.

No holes in that alibi as far as I can see!

According to the Tribune, he thought she was with another man and wanted to look around the neighborhood for her car. "I was not a jealous boyfriend," he said. "I was just trying to check up on her. It's totally a misunderstanding."

Oh, this story is just the best. There is absolutely no upside here. Either he's a would-be assassin, or he's the sort of slimy guy who cheats on his wife with women who he scarcely knows that he finds by trolling on anonymous sex sites.

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