Things that make you go hmmm


Yes, but would it help solve anything?


  1. But no one wants to pick it up because it landed in mud. Or something worse. Like fresh dog.....

  2. LOL

    It's a thin line between politics and entertainment :-)

    Did you know that American Idol was repeatedly nominated for Emmy's Outstanding Reality Competition Program but never won?

    The show was criticized in earlier seasons over the onerous contract contestants had to sign that gave excessive control to 19 Entertainment over their future career.

    Individual contestants have generated controversy for being "ringers" planted by the producers. A number of contestants had been disqualified for various reasons, for example Joanna Pacitti in Season 8 for having connections to the producers at 19 Entertainment, and Chris Golightly of Season 9 for having an existing contract in violation of the rules.

    Voting results have been a consistent source of controversy, for example when Jennifer Hudson was eliminated in Season 3. The mechanism of voting had also aroused considerable criticisms, most notably in Season 2 when Ruben Studdard beat Clay Aiken in a close vote, and in Season 8, when the massive increase in text votes (100 million more text votes than Season 7) fueled the texting controversy.