Still, I can't laugh too hard at this

...because it just makes me too sad. Like more than one liberal democrat, there was a time not such a handful of years ago when I actually thought I could've voted for John McCain. Fortunately, by the time I had a chance to do so, the scales, as they say, had fallen from my eyes.

Now I see a man who who has just gone from hero to hollow. And I have to say it, at least one more time: Go to bed, old man.

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  1. McCain has always had a nasty streak.

    It seems to be part and parcel of some Arizona rich folks. Barry Goldwater had the same streak. He loved tooling about on the empty midnight desert highways in his car going 120 miles an hour.

    That's freedom.

    Those down below, way down below, the poor bastards who cleaned up after him, hoping to rise, that was all their problem. Those on top got there on their own mettle and would welcome, of course, anyone who had the strength to join them. But if the poor bastard only cleaned up tables, that was his problem. And resenting the haughtiness of his betters only demonstrated his inferiority. And Barry, and McCain, all knew and know that. They know where their interests lie. They will never relent on them.

    So there was a hard edge running through these well off wealthy desert individualists. And they weren't/aren't about to brook government (fed or state) mixing in their lives, unless, of course, they can benefit from it.

    McCain is a nasty guy. Like Buckley, O'Reilly, Goldwater, etc. And sees "liberalism" as an elitist eastern thing. Something threatening and unexpressive of his interests. And there times when his politics are merely something he gorges up, from way down deep inside. Something none too friendly. Or nice.