Oh My!

Radical Centrism can be such an ugly thing.

Some rancid centrist cultists have apparently let their anger loose at Jane Hamsher and them "liberal bloggers" last night, and totally surrendered their critical thinking abilities in the process:

Who sends stuff like that?

Wait! OMG! Please, please, tell me it wasn't you, Robert.


  1. Having lived in Berkeley and having gone to grad school there I can understand a reasonable progressive's disgust with the "professional left."

    How Berkeley can you get? There's an annual parade there celebrating Berzerklyness. For me, though, oddity has always contributed to the charm of the town. I like characters and clowns.

    Once I was exorcized. As I was walking toward the Ashby BART station a bunch of people jumped out of the bushes on the street and began shaking rattles and jumping up and down and chanting incantations. And they were quite serious. Absolutely startled out of my underpants I tried to present an appearance of dignified indignation. But fully familiar with what they were doing they anticipated all my moves. They surmounted whatever I did.

    The whole thing lasted maybe five minutes and they disappeared. And I went on to BART. But how Berkeley can you get?

    So Obama is attempting to assert his dignity when dealing with the great unwashed rabble. If only they knew what it was like, all the weight he has to bear. How Bush created a transcendental mess larger than most mountains. How he has to get results, yank them, exert them from an intransigent minority who also represent millions of people. He reads his Lincoln, he knows the Constitution, he believes in the American ideal. Can't they understand? A civilized man meets the other man somewhere in the middle over the table and shakes hands. You can't please everybody.

    Nice. Very nice. But not at all practical or applicable to the minority he's dealing with who, as has been pointed out numerous times, bring a Gatling gun to a knife fight. And intend to win. And spit in the eye of gentlemen.

    Obama appears not to know even where the horizons are. He reaches far too low. And, yes, what the hell is the gang from Wall Street doing there in the White House? And why is he so cozy with Bush's criminals, wide ranging as they are? Military, financial, bureaucratic, etc.

    And he dares look down on us because we wanted more?

  2. Jane Hamsher is quite the pixie, isn't she?

  3. Get a load of this.....