What, following Democratic principles?

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It has been nine months since the president last indulged in a habit he is not proud of

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  1. Well, if we're going to bash Obama why not take him on on his smoking? So why hasn't he stood up before the American people as an example of someone who can "do it?" Quit smoking.

    Is it a lack of imagination, or that he has other things on his mind? Or could it be that he sees no necessity in p'ing off the tobacco industry, as a bright example of one who kicked the filthy weed?

    I don't know about you, but I found his bringing in Bill Clinton into the press room to speak for him cheap and tawdry. So who's president? The Big O is stooping pretty low these days. And that's even with Summers going back to Harvard or Wall Street or wherever. He has more venom for the Democratic Party than he has for the Repubs. That doesn't reflect well back on him. And it only reenforces his view of progressives as "the professional left." At least with the Repubs we're called "loony left" That's a little more straight forward, don't you think?

    But attacking his friends instead of his "enemies?" That doesn't reflect well on him at all, since that's cheap and easy to do. And doesn't display any guts.