What is it that gentlemen wish?

What would they have?


  1. The Democratic critics of the critics of the Obama/Republican "compromise" ignore that it is not so much the compromise itself that ticked them off, but the complete capitulation before a compromise was arrived at. These Democrats supporting the president characterize "progressives" as "extremists" on the "far" left, reflecting the irrationality of the "extremists" on the far right.

    So now the administration is promising to be "tough" in two years when extending the Bush tax cuts come up again. This makes it reasonable to believe that the administration caved before a fight only in order to show how "tough" they will be in two years when it will be harder to eliminate the benefits for the rich.

    This form of unseemly BS is most uncomplimentary to the administration and those who believe in the "holy center." But criticizing them for their intellectual dishonesty only demonstrate how loony the loony left is.

  2. I'll just but it this way: It's a good thing that there were no "New democrats" and no DLC in 1776. History might have taken a very different turn.

  3. Makes you wonder what the "United States Declaration of Independence" might have sounded like.

  4. You mean, "The United States Declaration of Allegiance to the British Empire."