Humbled and Grateful

What would I be without you?


  1. "Censorship" or...revisionism?

    This really isn't just about replacing one word with another, is it?

  2. A "bold move compassionately advocated" by the book's order to "counter the 'pre-emptive censorship' that Dr Gribben observed has caused these important works of literature to fall off curriculum lists worldwide."

    Heh. That's one exceptionally convoluted piece of denial!


  3. The NewSouth revised edition will not be available until next month. What's taking so long; don't they have access to a speakwrite?

    。◕ ‿ ◕。

  4. See what happens to you? One of the few white folks back then who sensed black folks' humanity and he gets pilloried for using the "N" word. When Jack London, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Claude Bowers and many other white folks fighting for progressive reforms back then (Jack London the Socialist!) all believed black folks were natural born inferiors.

    Well, at least the original Huck Finn won't disappear. Maybe these censors should join teams with David Barton, the scholar in charge of rewriting the Texas school books and frequent guest on Glenn Beck.

    (Oh, and what do those school books do? They teach the Gospel as in God created the whole shebang we all share in seven days. The dinosaurs wore diapers, for modesty's sake, as they traipsed around with Adam and Eve. Stuff like that. Stuff guaranteed to make the young and up coming Texans into fully bonafide ignorant citizens believing all kinds of nonsense.) Well, I may exaggerate but I'm close enough.