Tea Party politics

Check out this Washington Post article, which I found on Huffington Post.....

According to these new rules the House could not ratify (if it had that Senate function) the new START treaty since the Founders didn't include any mention of nuclear arms in the Constitution. Nor high speed rail or solar power or the WWW or endangered species or offshore oil drilling not to mention many, many other things.

Though obviously this kind of strict "constructionism" will paralyze the federal government, which is what they want.

But, gee, what do you do about modernday conditions and problems which the Founders never foresaw? And we thought today’s conservatives only wanted to take us back to 1880.

A question - since the founders didn't mention offshore oil drilling when they wrote the Constitution will that make it possible for the government to continue funding giant oil companies with tax breaks and loopholes and many other supports? I suppose if ol' Tom Jefferson were around today he could see the wisdom in all that and would open up ANWR to exploration. It’s just things like gay marriage (which doesn't appear in the Constitution) they would oppose.

1791 huh? Were we living back then would these "conservatives" write the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th amendments?

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  1. They were taking their Bibles literally also Quinty.

    Obey your master slave.