The Long View™

That's the problem with those who draw their power directly form the Most High.

Neither side cares about people; it's always the long view™ for them. Always oh so reasonably willing to sacrifice "today" (i.e. people), in the name of tomorrow™.

God helps the millions of poor souls these cold-blooded apparatchiks, Democrats and Republicans alike, are willfully sacrificing on the altar of their single-minded ideology.

Correct me if I am wrong, but last time I checked Grover Norquist was not president of the United States.

I don't remember him running for president in 2008. And I don't recall him being elected to the highest office in the nation. But, for all practical purpose, he may as well have been.

Or did I miss something?

Did I come out the wrong door, leaving The Wulfshead one night, and unwittingly re-entered an alternate reality?

You know... The kind of stories one reads about in these science fiction alternate history novels in which the Allied lost WWII and America surrendered to Nazi Germany?

Whatever happened to The Dream?

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  1. Lately I keep remembering Thomas Jefferson's comment that in a true democracy the government has a healthy fear of the people. It is time to teach all these jerks who they work for! Feeling marginalized? Get mad, get loud America! We taught them fear in the 60's, time to do it again!